Cockneys Vs Zombies
About SC Films
SC Films is an International Sales, Distribution, Finance and Production Company founded by Simon Crowe, formerly MD of Velvet Octopus and Head of Sales at Mel Gibson’s Icon Entertainment International and Capitol Films (see filmography for more details). SC Films is a joint venture with financier Matthew Joynes. Matthew Joynes is involved in all aspects of film financing, 3D technology and non-film businesses. Primarily SC Films is a films sales company, securing domestic and international sales and distribution as well as providing Minimum Guarantees, equity and Bank GAP for Producers. As part of this process, we develop unique strategies for each picture, drawing upon our expertise in development, production, sales, financing and distribution.
Who we are
SC Films Can Provide:

1. Minimum Guarantees against International and Domestic Rights.
2. Tax rebates cashflowed and managed.
3. Source content from leading producers and agents from LA to Europe.
4. Film sales and licensing world-wide to independent distributors and/or studios.
5. Creation of international and domestic marketing campaigns
6. Royalty reports and overage collection by territory to maximise revenues
7. P&A control by territory
8. Access to film festivals ie Cannes, Toronto and Berlin
Simon Crowe
Managing Director | For full bio click here
Matthew Joynes
Chairman | For full bio click here
Fumie Suzuki-Lancaster
Sales & Marketing Director | For full bio click here
Russell Webber
Acquisitions & Legal Executive | For full bio click here
Fatima Hussein
Sales Assistant